Mittye P. Locke

February 22- February 26, 2016

PLC/Problem-Solving/HW & Art/ORFF/Chorus/Sports/Tech./Extended-Day WILL take place.

Monday (2/22/16): Spring Book Fair

3:00- K-Kids Meeting (Orange Bld.)

3:00- Student Council Meeting (Media)

Tuesday (2/23/16): Spring Book Fair

Bauman out at District

6:00- PRSMS Curriculum Fair

Wednesday (2/24/16): Spring Book Fair

8:40- PBIS Team Meeting (Caldwell's Rm.)

5:30-6:30 Chorus Performance & Book Fair (Cafeteria & Media)

Thursday (2/25/16): Spring Book Fair

8:30- GMS Feeder Meeting

10:00- SBIT (See Agenda)

2:00-Compliance Adobe Connect (Caldwell's Rm.)

Friday (2/26/16): Spring Book Fair

8:30- HEROS: Anti-Bullying Club (Orange Bld.)

8:40- Leadership Meeting (Media)

* Green Band Recess Begins!

When working with the standards and scales....

Look at the verb in the standard and then make sure the task you are requiring matches the verb. Within a unit, all of the critical standards being addressed should be placed at the level 3. Then, utilizing the Marzano Taxonomy, you would adjust the verb/task to a higher complexity (to get your level 4), and to a lower complexity (to get to your level 2).

The standards and the Marzano taxonomy are key tools when developing unit scales!