Welcome to English 9

Introduction to English 9


Hi, My name is Ryan Plunkard and I will be giving you an overview of 9th grade. Science is an extremely easy class and so is English. Social Studies is a harder class and, computer apps. is a difficult class if u don't pay attention. If you don't do your work then you will fail 9th grade.

Overview of the Course

You will do short stories like "The Cask of Amontillado", "The Most Dangerous Game", and "The Necklace". Those were some of the ones I liked but there are many more you will do. You will read "Divergent" and then watch the movie, it was very good book and so was the move. Then you will read "Monster", it is a crime book that someone killed someone but it is a really good book. Then finally you will do a group literature circle. That is were you pick a book that Mrs. Allen gives you and read it and do questions with your group, that is really fun too.

Independent Reading/Book Talks

Reading outside of class isn't my favorite thing to do, but you have to do that because it is worth 80 points. If you don't do them you could fail.

My Favorites

My favorite thing this year was science because you do a lot of hands on stuff like dissections, and labs with living animals. It is really fun science better than 8th grade science.

My Least Favorite Thing

I struggled in computer apps. and Social Studies those two classes were the hardest. If you don't do your work in those two classes you will fail.

My Advice For You

You have to do your homework. If you don't you will be right back in 9th grade. If you do all your work then you will pass. This year of English was very easy and should be easy for you too.

Top 5 Ways to Make Mrs. Allen Like/Laugh

  1. If you get on Mrs. Allen's good side she will like you and give you a nice nickname that ends in "y".
  2. Just be yourself and try to be funny.
  3. Try to joke around with Mrs. Allen.
  4. Mrs. Allen is very nice and can be funny too.
  5. Mrs. Allen will give you work to do just do it and she will like you but if u don't do anything u will fail.
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