The Roar Reflection

By: Emma Clayton

The Summary

The Roar is a book about two twelve-year old twins, Mika and Ellie. These two live in a post-plague world where the government has split the world in two. There is two levels of society; the society on the bottom level which never sees daylight and the rich society on the top that gets the good meat, cars, and sees daylight everyday.Ellie has been taken away by the government that tells her family that she is dead. But Mika never believes them. When there is a virtual gaming tournament that the prize includes meeting the man that took Ellie, Mika almost automatically enters. When Mika wins the tournament, the two twins get extremely close to each other. But do they ever see each other?
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The Character Analysis

I feel that the character's in this book are very well developed. Mika is a very strong opinioned, mad, and confused boy since his sister was taken. He gets in a lot of fights about things about him not thinking his sister is dead. Ellie is the same in many ways, except for she thinks before she does. Oh, and one more thing, they're both mutants.

The Plot

Emma Clayton set the plot up very well. She described the most important parts and had a couple of side story's that helped the story, but didn't matter. The rising action was really the large chunk of this book where Mika competed in the virtual gaming tournament. Emma Clayton describes the game and tournament to where you feel you are competing in the tournament. The climax is when Mika wins the tournament. You really didn't think he would win it after reading about how hard the actual tournament is. The falling action is Mika getting all of the prizes that he got after winning the tournament. There really wasn't much to this part, just Mika describing all of the prizes. And last but not least, the resolution is when Mika and Ellie come so close to each other.

The Setting

This setting is a very simple setting. it is a futuristic two-level city thirty years after an animal plague. Most of the plot happens in lower level of the city in which is rotting and never see's sunlight. But you also get a glimpse of the second level of the city, a castle, anda place where no one has ever gone before.