All About Deserts

all about the desert

Desert Ecosystem

Deserts are found were there is very little rain.The Desert animals and plants don't need a lot of water.Deserts in the summer can be 110 degrees and at night it can be 45 degrees.There are some cold Deserts that can have blizzards in the winter but are like normal Deserts in the summer.The Deserts clouds trap the heat at night.Sand dunes move all at one time.

All About Desert Animals

Greater Roadrunner

A Greater Roadrunner lives in deserts and parts of Mexico.The greater roadrunner eats insects, lizards,spiders,snakes,fruits,seeds and small rodents.Approximate weight 8-15 OZ.

Sonoran Desert Toad

A Sonoran desert toad is as big as a tissue box. The Sonoran desert toad will feed on insects,spiders and small mice.

Bark Scorpion

A Arizona Bark scorpion is the size of a half worn down pencil.The Bark scorpion will eat crickets,roaches and small insects.

All About Desert Plants

Barrel Cactus

A Barrel cactus can grow five to eleven feet tall.The Barrel cactus is a flowering plant.the Barrel cactus has rings of yellow-green or red at its top.

Joshua Tree

The Joshua tree grows in California and Arizona.The Joshua tree can grow from 15 to 40 feet tall.The Joshua tree can live 200 years.The Joshua tree is in the lily family.

The Chain Fruit Cholla

The chain fruit cholla looks like a tree in desert.The chain fruit cholla has a trunk that has spiny branches.The chain fruit cholla is 4,000 feet above sea level.

Interesting Facts

People use the Barrel cactus for food and water.People use the spines on the Barrel cactus for fishing poles. The spines on the Barrel cactus are the size of a adults pointer finger.

Human Impact

People expand the deserts and eventually the deserts will be huge.People travel in vehicles that pollute the deserts. People take too many resources from deserts.