Assef Dead or Alive

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He is a cold blooded killer and must be found soon. His rain of terror started as a little kid when he would look down one everyone who stood in his way. He pushed and beat and raped kids from a very young age. He took over Afghanistan and is the head of the Taliban. He has taken the rights of the Afghan people and must be found and stopped before anymore chaos happens.
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Caught In the Act

As you can see we have evidence that is showing that he is going to hurt a young Hazara boy. You can just see the murderous look in his eye's. Would you want this man in the world with you children? If your answer is yes then please just go get some therapy because this man would kill you as well as your child without a second thought.
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What Has He Done?

He has committed multiple crimes to men women and children. He has Murdered people and raped lots of kids as well. He is the leader of the Taliban and that group together has token the rights of all the people in Afghanistan. They have looked down on women. They do not like the Hazara people.