Between Shades of Gray

By Ruta Sepetys

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Lina her mother and, brother Jonas are taken in the middle of the night. They are put on a train where they met Andreas and, go to a labor camp. After about six months Lina, Jonas and their mother are taken to a new camp in Siberia, Andreas promised he would find Lina again. Throughout tragedy, Jonas and Lina survive but, do they make it back to Lithuania?


The theme is "no matter how bad things get they can get better." Lina and Jonas, their parents died but they never give up trying to get home. When Lina and Andreas get separated they say that they will find each other and they never stop thinking they will find each other and, they find each other. When Jonas got sick everyone tried to help him and, make him feel better so that he wouldn't die.

Historical Inaccuracy

Most likely a person that she met at the first camp would not have found her after she went to Siberia. A newborn baby wouldn't make it eight days if it was taken from a hospital right after the umbilical cord was cut and, had nothing to eat. This was said to be twelve years she was in the labor camps but it seemed to be only one or two years in the book.
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