Gearing up for a FABULOUS summer incentive!

Spring has FINALLY come!

Some of you in the west end of the country have been celebrating spring for ages... but in Ontario we have only FINALLY now reached consistent temperatures that warrant birks and spring coats instead of scarves and hats still on hand ;)

*And my pastor's wife still has her 3-in-1 Columbia coat on!

April was a tough month company-wide... however we still were able to hold 10,000 parties per week (WOW) and over 50% of active consultants purchased the MUT pre-sale for June - so we're READY TO GO! **the highest "take" ever on a pre-sale item!**

April's Better Together event was a great learning experience offered this month - I hope everyone who was able to attend one locally felt welcomed and learned something! The sisterhood is meant to be a great part of this business experience so don't miss out on a chance to meet other women and hear what they're doing with THEIR business!

For me - April was a great way to wrap up my active business for my three-month personal leave. I have been posting some information about the personal leave options (forms available on our Facebook group page - Team Holdmybags), as well as FAQs specific to Maternity Leave and EI as discovered by Angela Rozenveld this last month. All of this information should be helpful in giving you a pressure-relief from your personal sales requirements ($200/3 months for consultants and sr consultants), and help you maintain your business when you're ready to party after baby arrives! If you have any questions at all about this information, CAGS is VERY friendly and can easily walk you through your personal situation, or ask your upline or myself. We're happy to help!

In closing...

whether you are waiting to, or have already birthed children into the world...

are bringing them up in your family...

or are the very best aunt in the world to some special people...

Happy Mother's Day

May you all be celebrated and loved this coming weekend and always!!

xo Liz


Victoria, Director, says:

It's important to note the benefit of these events....they're not just for top selling ladies, they're for everyone.

It's a great way to meet other consultants and learn things that have worked for them.

I find them energizing, I always leave with at least 1 new idea I want to try!




$3163 - Joylene Mann

$1396 - Victoria Kane

$1257 - Elizabeth Holohan

$1012 - Shauna Cutcliffe

*Laura Cey on personal leave*


$9374 - Victoria Kane

$8430 - Joylene Mann

$8419 - Elizabeth Holohan

$4272 - Laura Cey

$4134 - Shauna Cutcliffe

Team Holohan FULL Downline (80 people!)



$2139 - Denise Britton

$1701 - Kelly Sonmor

$1328 - Stephanie Conti

$1227 - Holly Martin

$1066 - Tracey Hudson

$1026 - Roxane Bowie

$990 - Jennifer Apopei

$943 - Marilyn Weber

$703 - Tania Heck

$660 - Katherine Grant

$615 - Tammy Handley

$429 - Marni Bannerman


5 - Leanne Garthson (party more, EARN MORE!)

3 - Denise Britton, Stephanie Conti, Shauna Cutcliffe


2 - Jennifer Apopei, Amanda Siemens

1 - Stephanie Conti, Erin Waters, Leanne Garthson, Menotah Bolland

Team Willemse Leadership Retreat 2016!!

Leadership Retreat is an amazing experience - a chance to meet other leaders within Nadine's downline (of 1200+ women), from across Canada. To learn from the top earners, partiers, recruiters and women who are doing cool things with their business. It's a social time to connect and put faces to Facebook profiles ;) As my second year at retreat, this year was different because it was almost twice the size! We had a full day of learning sessions on Saturday - from back office reporting, to party demos and games, to coaching on team dynamics and leadership.

Each Director and above was again able to invite a Rising Star - someone in their team who has aspirations of leadership and wants to learn and grow their business. It's all about DIGGING DEEP and dreaming big!

If YOU want in on next year's leadership retreat - speak to your director/leader! Get your name in the hat, and more importantly get working because you have HEAPS of time to promote before next year and get an automatic invite as a Director or higher!

The sky is the limit - what will you do in the next 11 months?!

Conference 2016 – get ready to celebrate!
Donna Duarte, Executive Director, says:

What I loved about the mega-sized conference in the US, is the energy from so many women who share the same love as I do for Thirty-One.

I loved meeting women from all over Canada and the US and hearing their stories.

My favorite part of conference 2015, besides spending time with our team, was the Sunday morning worship with Scott Monroe band. The music touched my soul like no other music ever had. It was truly remarkable.

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Finally, I hope you've all had a chance to watch the latest INSPIRE video with Kate from this past week. Head Office is offering the Dream Rewards incentive to the WHOLE FIELD to earn up to $1300 in gift cards (I think prepaid visas) for doing what you do - sell and share the opportunity!

PV will earn points 1-to-1 for the reward levels, and every PEQA you add to your team between May 1st (sign up date) and September 30th will earn you an additional 500 points! Check out the info on TOT today for the details, but this summer is going to be a perfect time to earn some extra to save for Christmas or to pay off your summer activities!

What are YOU dreaming of?

Liz Holohan

My door is always open. Babies or not, I will still be here for you girls this summer! Don't hesitate to text me!

I may respond at 2am though... ;) xoxo