Problem Solving Stratagies

By: Autumn Portillo


This is a problem solving strategies class. Come back for so much more!!!! :)

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The strategies in this book will be:

-Draw a Diagram

-Systematic Lists

-Eliminate Possibilities

-Matrix Logic

-Look for a Pattern

-Guess and Check


-Unit Analysis

-Units in Ratios

-Metric and English Unit Conversion

-Compound Units

-Solve an Easier Related Problem

- Physical Representations

-Act it out

-Manipulatives and Models

-Work Backwards

-Venn Diagram


-Finite Differences

-Other ways to Organize Information

-Change Your Point of View

-Solve the Complementary Problem

-Change the Representation

-Other Forms of Spatial Organization

-Use a Graph

-Make a Scale Drawing

-Draw a Tree Diagram

If you have Questions.

If you have questions about anything. I can answer them. From how did you get that answer to I don't get this whole chapter. Please be specific in your questions. Like if you say, "I don't get this." I don't know what you don't get. So be specific and say, "I don't get how you got the answer to the problem Cats and Dogs. I am just making up a random title that may or may not be a question in this course. I hope you enjoy this course and please do not hesitate to ask me questions. My email address is: