"The Uncrossed Remains

From the bestselling author Julia Hess

"An exciting read for readers of all ages. I would definitely recommend it!"

-USA Today


He could hear the hiss of the cobra, sounding like the whispered last words of a patient lying on a hospital bed. Jason used his uninjured hand to push himself away from the reptile, breathing hard. Now his whole arm was numb, the only thing that he could feel was the tiny sprinkling of nerves attempting to contact his brain.

Reader Review

A 29 year old Jason Gruden attempts the improbable: crossing the Sahara Desert with just a Jeep, water, and small bits of food. He runs into problems with not only his environment, but also with himself. Will he make it, or will he die trying?

Anyone interested in survival will love this quick, easy read.

-Veronica Roth, bestselling author of the "Divergent" series.