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Why is it important to play football?

Football is a sport that is very important that teaches many values ​​of democracy and fair play during the game, these values ​​also affect us in everyday life, in addition, they affect the thinking of the game and every day life. Furthermore football is very helpful shaping the body.

What is special in the football?

The football is special sport! In the football there are many teams in every country in the world. There some good teams in the country or the best of the continent!

To example in Spain there are Barcelona or real Madrid are the best teams of Europe.

And each football group has a different tecnique. in the football you play with your's legs.

Athletes and champions in the football:

One of the world champions is Leonel Messi. He excelled due to the considerable quantity of goals he conquered.

Another world champions is Ronaldo, He excels because of his amazing body toning.

World records:

The world record of goals in football is 149 goals in one game in Madagascar.

The player who did the most goals in one year is Messi! 65 goals!

תקציר המשחק ריאל מדריד נגד ברצלונה - real madrid vs barcelona 2-2
מ.ס אשדוד - הפועל באר שבע - תקציר המשחק! 26.10.13

Football is the best sport in the planet!!!