Selling Extra Extra for Extra Cost

By: Christopher Duong


We have designed a new product called extra, a powdery like substance that can sprinkled on almost everything. This extraterrestrial dust is made of two rare dusts that must be extracted deep underground on the planets on Venus and Mars. As well as a special gas near the core of Jupiter. The extravagant Extra is a multicolored dust mixture with multiple uses. It is better and cleaner for the environment. Be the first one to own Extra. It only costs a cheap price $100 for a bag of Extra.
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Extra can be sprinkled on any substance and takes the shape of the substance it touches, to create a duplicate of the substance. It can be on any type of matter other than gas. For example, it can be sprinkled on a pencil to create two pencils and can be duplicated to as much as the user would like.


Extra is like sand, except it is more expensive and has more capabilities than anything that has ever been engendered. Its like shape shifting sand because it is able to take the shape and substance of the material and recreates it. It could also be like a money maker. You could find a rare expensive substance like antimatter which could go for $62.5 trillion per gram and recreate it to make money.


One day, in 3013, a scientist was mixing chemicals and dusts to find many uses for them. He stumbled upon the greatest discovery known to man, Extra. With extra he was able to earn billions of dollars. It helped him create many new inventions without even leaving the house thanks to extra. Just by sprinkling a little bit on the material he needed made it easy to create things within his own house. He later died by spilling a jar of extra onto himself


Only those who wish to get wealthy by duplicating rare substances or money with a little sprinkle of extra. Or others who like to collect multiples of the same item, can use Extra to create more. Or others who like to eat food can sprinkle some extra for extra food for everyone.