Italian Soccer-National Team

By Joseph

Italians and soccer

For many Italians, soccer isn't just a past time. To many fans, soccer is not only a family tradition, but it is also a passion. It's a passion so deep that even some Italian residents say that the sport is just as big a thing as the food, the Ferrari, or the Coliseum itself! Some say soccer is a faith that just about everyone follows, and that it's a way to bring everyone together.

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An overjoyed Fabio Cannavaro triumphantly raises the World Cup trophy over his head. This is an honor for any country and it's a symbol of pride for fans of soccer everywhere, especially Italy

National Team

Italy's national team has been fairly successful:

4 time World Cup winners (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006)

European Champions (1968)

Four time World Cup winners! that's very impressive!

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Marco Materazzi during 2006 World Cup : Italy's fourth World Cup title