By Jesse Avila


A supernova is a stellar explosion. A supernova occurs when a star dies. Supernovae can triggered in two ways; the start up of nuclear fusion in a degenerate star or in a burned out star. it can also be triggered by the collapse of a star's core.

The Explosion

The explosion throws out materials from the star as fast as 10% of the speed of light. It sweeps up a shell of gas and dust called supernova remnant. It takes a microsecond for the temperature to reach a billion degress in celsius. When they explode they throw out the star's matter from 9,000-25,000 miles per second.

supernova explosion

What would happen?

IF the star is big enough, the explosion can create a blackhole. IF there was a supernova 4 light years away it would rip off the Earth's Atmosphere and break some of the Earth's crust. Which would kill a lot of people because of the radiation and temperature. Almost a mass extinction, but there are no stars less than 10 lights years away from earth. There is a red dwarf 4 light years away but it will not explode because it is not massive enough.


It starts with the words SN, followed by the year when it was discovered. If more where discovered in that year the rear is followed by a,b,c etc, like SN1904b


The earliest recorded supernova,SN 185, was in 185 AD.The brightest recorded one ,SN 1006, was recorded by Islamic astronomers. The widely observed supernova, SN 1054, created the crab nebula, The first actual discovery were made by Walter Baade and Fritz Zwicky at Mount Wilson Obseratory.