Incentive Coming!

Overcoming Objections - Day 4

Wrapping up our week and ready to BOOK!

hey hey hey hey - what an exciting day!!! As we wrap up our objection week YOU ARE THE FIRST TO FIND OUT ABOUT A FUN INCENTIVE COMING TOMORROW….you will want to be armed with words to say! so…all i wanna do is ZOOMA ZOOM ZOOM! Just book some shows! LOL

Many of you shared your fear of picking up the phone and overcoming objections…..Want to learn more about how to build confidence and roleplay through objections when booking??? JOIN ME, and 3 other Star Directors (Beth Egan Pensabene, Sally Clarke Neff, and Amelia Fragnito Keely) nationwide want to help YOU!! We will be doing a special ZOOM (think skype but with multiple people - a Brady Bunch like screen) to help you with your words to say and get your mindset ready for an amazing February and March.

First 5 people who fb msg me will be included (it will also be recorded - but I'd love for YOU to have the chance to interact live!). I did this during my first couple months as a stylist on a call with Danielle Hammond Redner and it was truly so empowering and helpful!

ZOOM CALL TODAY - you can do it through your phone or computer...
Thursday FEB 4th 2pm EST
I'll send you the participation scoop

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