Technology Rules

By:Isabelle c.

Rule #1

Never talk on the phone while driving, because you will only be driving with one hand.

Rule #2

Never text while driving because it is one cause for crashing and accidents.

Rule #3

Don't let your kid use "my computer broke" as an excuse for not doing their homework. Also if you do let your kid use this excuse they will get caught.

Rule #4

Put a password on your phone so no one can get into your phone.

Rule #5

Don't post pictures on the internet if you don't want anyone to see them.
How To Set Lockscreen Password Pattern (for Android)

Rule #6

Don't add people you don't know because that makes it easier to get personal info.

Rule #7

Don't give people your phone number because they can trace the number and find you.

Rule #8

Don't give random people your email address because they can send bad things to your friends and make them hate you.

Rule #9

Never download things that you have no idea about, because if you do it might put a virus on your phone or computer.

Rule #10

Don't give people your password because then people can delete important files and replace them with inappropriate things.