Summer Institute for the Gifted

Harvard University

Students Tour Harvard Yard

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Upcoming Field Trip!

Thursday, July 25th 2013 at 9am

26 Oxford Street

Cambridge, MA

Please wear your SIG T-Shirt! Meet at Wasserstein Hall at 9 (just like any other day).

From the Director:

We’ve already reached the end of our first week together. It is my esteemed hope that your child has found our time together academically rigorous, energizing, and fun. We will be providing you with a weekly newsletter to highlight the accomplishments and experiences of SIG@Harvard, and provide a glimpse into their daily schedule.

From the Academic Dean:

Our first week in SIG has been exciting! Our scholars are engaging with new content, thinking in new ways, and making new friends. As Academic Dean, I buzz in and out of classes to see what students are learning and how they are learning it. Each student has created a personal objective for each of his/her courses, and I have had the pleasure of reading each one. By the end of our three weeks in SIG, our students will write screenplays and plan novels, analyze their own dreams using various schools of psychological thought, explore black holes, participate in mock trials, create business plans for new products…and perhaps even solve global issues of hunger, poverty, and unemployment! Parents, I encourage you to ask your children about their personal objectives. You might even learn a thing or two from them!

Week one, in photos

A Warm Hello From Some of Our Teachers!