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Location, Rivers, and Meaning of Mesoptamia

Mesopotamia is Greek for 'between the rivers'. The rivers are the Tigris and Euphrates which flow through, what is modern Iraq.

Three Disadvantages and Solutions

problem-the soil was like clay in that area

solution-The people of that area found plants that grew in that type of soil

problem-The climate there was very bitter and hot

solution- they wore loose clothing to help keep cool

problem-there were commonly floods and droughts

solution-the invention of irrigation was born

(irrigation a way supplying water yo an area of land.)

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What Is The Fertile Crescent?

The fertile crescent is a piece of land that curves like a quarter moon shape and is located near a river therefor causing the ground to be fertile.


Early communities in Mesopotamia depended on river deposits of silt. This made this region good for farming. It created an abundant amount of crops for their population. Mesopotamia did not have yearly floods they were on very rare occasions.