Wild Fires

More than 4-5 million acres of land are burned every year

Iissues with Wild Fires

Wild fires are an issue, because they burn everything they cross in their path. The fires burn through trees, bushes, plants, flowers, grass, animal homes and consumes anything else in its path.

Negative Effects on the Environment

Some negative effects that wildfires have on the environment are: plants and animals are dying and habitats are being destroyed. After a fire it can take years for a forest to recover naturally.

Top Three Worst Wildfires in the U.S.

Anywhere in the west, has a great risk of wildfires

How Wildfires affect Wildlife

Wildlife can be effect little animals like newborn birds, if there's a fire young birds can become trapped in there nests with no way out. Wildfires can destroy vegetation which shades streams and the water can become hot and warm which can be bad for the marine life. If a wildfire happens, it can burn up all the nutrients in the soil which will cause grass not to grow and many animals depend on grass to eat. The animals most effected by wildfires, is all of the animals, because they are equally effected.

Wildfires in League City

There has never been a history of wildfires in League City, nor would it ever reach our area.

How Wildfires Affect people

If people live in the countryside, they can be very close to wild fires which can burn their houses down. The people might also breath in the toxins from the fire which can make them pass out or even die.

How Wildfires Start

When a wildfire starts, its probably because of dry, summer heat and winds with oxygen. A wildfire can also occur when someone is messing around with a gun and it hits a rock which causes a spark, if there is oxygen in the air a fire will start.

Solutions for this Problem

First of all, 90% of wildfires are caused by humans, some are caused when people go camping and don't put out their fires, it can also happen when people leave cigarettes on the ground and also people cause intentional fires. If we think a little more about what we are doing and take care of the environment then a lot of our problems would be solved. When a fire occurs people called fire fighters try to help. Some use planes to spray a powder over the fire and try to put it out, some fire fighter spray water to control the fire till it is out.

My Solution to the Problem

My solution to the problem, is that we mix the powder and the water to make a super wildfire mixture. The powder is made of substances that extinguish fires, and water is the opposite of fire so when you mix the two together it would be a great weapon to use against the fire.

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