Wildlife Biologists

Claudia Hucek - 8th Hour

Career Overview

Wildlife Biologists observe animals in their natural habitats and take notes on how they function. You need to be able to appreciate living things and want to know how they work and interact. Wildlife biologists work outside in all kinds of weather conditions.

Qualifications for Career

You need to get at least a master's degree (four years), and you need to appreciate living things and be interested in what they do. You would have to be able to work outdoors in all weather conditions.

Cost of Education

Costs of education can vary a lot depending on whether or not you go to a private school or if you have to pay extra for out of state tuition or whatever the case may be. But here's an example of a public college in Wisconsin. If you went to the University of Wisconsin Fox Valley, it would cost $30,548 for your master's degree, and then obviously an additional fee if you're coming from out of state. How much you spend on college can also vary depending on whether or not you applied for a scholarship and got one or not. Housing would cost $20,800, food would cost $11,400, gas would cost $11,560, and clothing would cost $4,800. This would be a total of $79,108, without a scholarship.

Possible Pros and Cons


  • You'd get to travel the world.
  • You'd get to work with animals, which would probably be a pro considering you chose a job that has a great deal to do with animals.
  • Also, you could potentially make new discoveries about a species.


  • You'd be away from home a lot.
  • There is probably a low probability, but you could get attacked by an animal because they're unpredictable.
  • You would have to work in any and all weather conditions.

What You Need to Succeed

Some good high school classes to take to succeed in this career are: Calculus, Anatomy, Physiology, Statistics, Statistics and Probability, Biotechnology, Chemistry. As far as tech school or college, degrees you would need are: a Master’s Degree and to take Wildlife Sciences and Management, Biological Sciences, General, Wildlife Biology, and Zoology and Animal Biology.

Wildlife Biology Advertisement

Do you enjoy spending time with animals?! Do you like working outdoors?! Or would you rather sit in a stuffy cubicle all day with the guy who just ate a double-bean burrito to your left? If you answered yes to the first two questions, becoming a wildlife biologist may be in your future! Wildlife biologists get to travel the world and study animal species and their natural habitats! You always get to work outside and experience the same conditions the animal you're studying does. The minimum degree you would need to become a wildlife biologist is a only master’s degree. Imagine doing what you love all day, everyday and getting paid $52,050 a year for it!


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