Bosak Updates Sept 7-11


Everyone has worked so hard this week on learning "above the line and below the line behavior." We have read many stories where the characters are not showing above the line behavior. We have also roll-played many different situations to make sure we understand the different behaviors. In regards to this, please be aware of the following:

1. Students are given 2-3 warnings before a letter is moved below the line.

2. A reflection plan will be filled out with a teacher (Ms. Bosak or Ms. Venkus) when 3 or more letters are moved below. --This means your child has had 9 or more warnings about their behavior and has not changed.

3. Please sign or initial their PAWS plan each night. This helps me to see that you are aware of your child's behavior.

4. If your child has lost all four letters, 3 or more times during a card marking period this will result in a silent lunch.

5. Fun Friday began today!!! Students that had not earned it, sat out for 5 minutes and then joined in. (I would like to run this like a time out. If they lose letters, they will sit out for a few minutes and then join. With that being said, if your child has lost a letter every day, they will not be participating).

6. No one is perfect and please expect that at some point in the year, your child might lose a letter. I would not worry unless you see this become a trend. :)

7. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I am very willing to work with parents, but I need to know the concerns first.

Sight Words

We started our sight words this week!!! The students have learned the following sight words:



Next week they will learn:



After we do MClass testing to determine reading levels, I will begin to differentiate the sight words and challenge or review more with small groups.

Snacks, Lunch and Bathroom Breaks

Thank you to those of you labeling how long to heat the lunches! The children love to show us notes that are written to them and this helps us to determine if the food needs to be warm for them.

Please remember, during snack time this is a quick break for us. The students should have 1 snack and a drink. Many students are eating 2-3 snacks during this time. Great snacks for the morning are: fruit or veggies, yogurt, Go-Go Squeeze, goldfish, granola bars, etc. Many students are taking a few bites of various items and then tossing them. The snack time should take us about 10 minutes to eat.

We take a class bathroom break every 2 hours. I am trying to encourage the children to be on a schedule with the class and only go with us. Many children are still having to use the restroom every hour. Currently, I am not sure if they are really having to use it that much, just need a break from the room, or just like to go and play around in there. Please talk with your child about going with the class and how at times they can wait till the next break to go. I completely understand that in some cases, they might have to use it more often, but at this age, many children should not be having to use the restroom every hour.

Donors Choose

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our Chair Pockets come so quickly! I am amazed at the generourisity of everyone. These should be arriving in the next 2 weeks, so please look for picture updates.

Also, thank you to everyone who donated a gift card to I was able to fund our next project: Magnetic Letters for building words. We have a set of 480 magnetic letters and mini magnetic white boards on there way as well. I can not wait to begin to use these in our Daily 5 Centers to build words.

Important Information

Kindergarten Website:

Schedule Change:

7:50-9:20-Reading and Writing Workshop with Daily 5

9:20-9:40- Snack and Bathroom Break

12:40-1:15 Letterland

Sept 8: No School

Sept 9: Pictures--Wear Navy PLP Polo and Khaki Bottoms

Sept: 10: Ms. Venkus's birthday (We will be making cards in the class and Shannon Hirschfeld is making a special treat--Thank you!!)

Sept 10: Mrs. Kurtz will come in and talk about Character Education