Kennedy Shot Dead in Dallas

Dallas Conspiracy news

Kennedy shot and killed in Dallas motorcade!

3 days ag, on November 22nd 1963, President John F. Kennedy was killed. His cause of death was 3 shots 1 of which did not hit two of which killed him. The assassin was later captured and his name is lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey oswald was scheduled to be put on trial but was killed by a local nightclub owner by the name of jack ruby. Oswald was being transferred to a county jail when he was killed on November 24th At 11:21am. It was not clear why ruby the night club owner had shot Oswald or if he was associated with the mob.

This order of events is believed to be apart of a communist plot or apart of the mob

Why was Kennedy killed (conspiracies)

Some believe the assassination had been in association with the communist enemies such as the Cubans and Russians which we were at conflict with at the time. Some also believe there were more than on killer such as another sniper or one of kennedys own agents. People also believe it had been in association with organized crim or the mafia.