Disappearing Species

By: Jillian Gregory

Extinctions Around the World

Millions of Animal Species are disappearing. Why are they disappearing? Well you should know because we are the ones who are hunting them or tearing down their habitat.Take the 2 Horned White Rhino for example, There are only five Two Horned White Rhinos left in the world and If they all Die because we decided to hunt them for their horns then it will be all our fault!

Dozens of animals are running because you are hunting!

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The White Rhinos

The white rhinos are one of the many species that could become extinct forever. There are only 5 White rhinos left in the planet and only one of them is a male. The reason? Well the most common reason is because they have been hunted, Right now they are safe and secure but millions of people in Northern Africa have hunted or poached them for there magnificent long horns. Many scientists have and still believe that they will become extinct but if we do our bests and try to save them we very could possibly prevent extinction.
There's one male northern white rhino left on earth


If you are one of those people out in the world who want to fix extinction then this is what you should be reading. There are dozens of solutions out there! Here are some right now. Think about what you are doing and if it will affect any animals or their habitats. Help out your friends if they are making a wrong choice on what they are doing. There are millions more. Just remember Dozens of animals are running because you are hunting.

Take action!