Much Ado About Nothing

Michael Woodworth

Casting the Characters

The first person I will be changing to be a modern day actor will be Claudio. Claudio seems to be a very fun loving, bright ladies man. He does not stop trying for hero at all. I am going to have Zac Efron from all the High School Musicals play this part. The next person I will be changing is Don Pedro. Don Pedro was kinda the alpha male of the pact. He made the decisions and everyone listened to him. The modern day character Adam Sandler from Grown ups. Adam Sandler is also like a leader, he is funny and cares about everyone else at the same time also. The last person I will switch is Hero. Hero is a beautiful girl that seems like everyone wants to be with. She gets along with almost everyone and all the boys think she is top notch. My choice to replace hero is Mila Kunis a smoking hot actress in many top notch movies. She and Zac Efron will get along great.


Hero is dead

I think Hero dying in the movie is the climax of the story it changes Claudio thoughts on her about her unfaithfulness. Hero died from shock and grief from the whole ¨unfaithful¨ situation. Leonato spreads word that hero has died and ofcourse Claudio feels terrible because he is mostly to blame. Time goes by and she ends up coming back from the dead even though she was never really dead. When she wakes up she tells Claudio that she is still a virgin. Claudio forgives himself and asks her to marry him.


The theme that I am choosing is how crazy love is and what it can do to someone. The best example in the movie is between Beatrice and Benedick, in the start of the play neither of them really believe in love or getting married. Benedick swears that he will never fall for a girl. As the play goes on they act like they hate each other but in reality they are writing little love poems without anyone really knowing. The song I am choosing is "Crazy Girl" By The Eli Young Band because for one it is one of my favorite songs and it also ties into the story about Benedick and Beatrice. In the end Benedick and Beatrice end up finding out about each others little love poems with Hero and Claudio's help and they end up getting married. Link to Song tps://