Science Education

October Edition

Science Teachers ROCK!!

There are so many amazing things happening in science and our WOLVES have such bright futures ahead because of it!! The options that science brings in terms of careers for our WOLVES are immeasurable. In addition, science encompasses such a wide range of subject matter that every WOLF can find an area that speaks to their own individuality. This newsletter contains a few awesome thoughts on teaching science, as well as some current events going on in science.

Let's Hit Standards and Change the World...

WOLF Scientists are the BEST Scientists

As science teachers we get to dream big with our WOLVES everyday. It doesn't matter what standard we are teaching, we get to apply it to the real world and we have the opportunity to solve real world problems right in our classrooms. Our WOLVES definitely have the creativity, imagination and ingenuity to do great things and solve big problems. They are going to change the world because of what they learn in our classrooms! Let's make our WOLVES the best scientists they can be!!

#OurWolves #ShawneeStrong #BeTheONE #DreamBIG

Shell Grant for Middle and High School

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Why is Science so Important?

What's happening in science these days...

Mars Ice Challenge

NASA turned 60!!!

Hurricane Florence

The Simplest Idea Leads to Great Discovery...