2nd Grade News

Mrs. Tamayo

Here's what's up...

*Math: We're rounding to the nearerst 10's place. So 15 rounds up to 20, 34 rounds up to 40. Please practice rounding and estimating at home.

*Thinking Routines: We are introducing new ways of thinking school-wide. It's called Visible Thinking and we use Thinking Routines. This week we are learning to use "See, Think, Wonder" and "Chalk Talk". these are great activities to do at home so ask your child how to do them.

*Garden: It seems that there's a sure shot for heavy rain on Monday, so we will be weeding on Wednesday. If your child has garden tools of their own please send them on Wednesday. I don't think we'll need to change clothes, but do send a warm rain jacket just in case. BIG THANKS to Alex L's Grandma Janet Lepore for volunteering to help organize our garden project. She's already gone out to ask for donations, get some compost and seeds for us. More information to come after spring break :)

*This Friday: This Friday we will have a small Easter Celebration, then going to the church for a whole school Stations of the Cross and ending the day with breaking our casquerones (decorated and confetti stuffed egg shells) I would like to keep the Easter Celebration small with only cupcakes and juice. Would anyone be able to send in cupcakes and/or juice boxes (capri sun)? There are 20 students.

*Seder Meal: We will have our Seder Meal on Thursday of next week. if you received a flyer to bring in an item, please be sure to get them in on time. Thanks!


BOX TOPS!!!! I'm not sure but I think we are in teh lead with over 200 box tops. On March 31st if we have the most out of all the classes, we get an ice cream party. Please send them in. Each one is 10 cents for our school.

FIELD TRIP FORMS: Please send them in. Please let me know ASAP if you would like to chaperone. You MUST have your Safe Environment Certificate to come along.

Palm Sunday: This Sunday is Palm Sunday. Most weeks we read Sunday's Gospel and do an activity to prepare the students for Mass on Sunday and inform those that don't go to mass. This Sunday is a long one, so I encourage you to prepare yourselves and your children as we prepare for Holy Week.

IXL Showdown

On Monday, I sent home your child's IXL username and password for IXL. From March 23 to April 24 IXL is keeping track of which classroom nationwide is ansering the most questions correctly. The winners get a pizza party. Check it out at http://blog.ixl.com/2015/03/16/the-ixl-spring-learning-showdown-is-back/

Students have started on Level B.

Spelling Words for Friday, April 3, 2015

1. docena

2. empieza

3. sabia

4. alzaba

5. salir

6. lanzo

7. persona

8. hizo

9. abrazo

10. cebolla

11. pozo

12. taza

13. cabeza

14. zapato