cheap glazed porcelain tiles

cheap glazed porcelain tiles

Polished tile is a kind of shiny tile made by polishing the surface of the full body tile, which belongs to full body tile. Relative to full body tiles, the surface of polished tiles is much smoother. Polished tile is hard and wear resistant, suitable for use in most indoor space except bathroom, the kitchen space, such as for balconies, exterior decoration. In the use of penetration technology, cheap glazed porcelain tiles can make all kinds of stone and wood imitation effect.

Advantages of polished tiles:
1. No radioactive elements: natural stone is mineral material, not go through high temperature sintering, so it contains trace amounts of separate radioactive elements, long-term exposure is harmful; but polished tiles will not cause harm to humans.

2. Basically can be controlled without color: natural stone has large color due to different diagenetic time, rock shades, polished tiles are carefully deployed, the same batch of products are consistent in color, which almost have no color difference;

3. Large flexural strength: natural stone tightness and strength varies because the natural form, finished time, and weathering vary; polished tiles are pressed by the thousands of tons of hydraulic machine, and then sintered at high temperature above 1200 ¡æ, so the strength is high.

4. Tile body is thin, light weight: natural stone processing thickness is bulky due to low intensity, increasing the load weight of the floor building, forming a potential threat, rising costs, and increase transportation, paving and other difficulties.

5.Slip resistant: floor tile is very important to be safe and slip resistant, especially for the families with the elderly and children, they pay more attention to anti-slip effect of the tiles. The surface of polished tiles is bright and smooth, many consumers believe that their non-slip effect is poor, if sprinkled with water adds the security risks, so they choose matt tiles. In fact, all of the porcelain tiles are anti-slip, but it will slip if there is soil on the tiles, and will astringent if there is water. It does not affect its non-slip effect as long as the daily cleaning is done well. The polished tiles and matte tiles are the same in the non-slip performance.

Do you wonder can you use porcelain polished tiles in bathroom floors? For the selection of floor tiles in the bathroom, the anti-skip tile is the selection key of floor tiles for the bathroom. Anti-skip tile often has wrinkled streaks or uneven positive points, which are mainly used to increase the friction of the floor to prevent slipping. Secondly, try to choose smaller tiles, small tiles are easier to grasp slope, so to drain water smoothly. However, the tiles with the low water absorption are also important to consider in the selection of bathroom tiles. It is possible to choose porcelain tiles for bathroom floor, but requires specifications 30cm x 30cm or so. Because small tiles are good for drainage, if we must choose the big ones, we should pay attention to drainage, and it's best to arrange the drain in the corners of tiles.