Friday Focus

February 21, 2014


Welcome Niki Marinacci who replaced Kevin Wilson for the remainder of the school year.


Thank you for being patient as yearbook pictures were being taken throughout the week. Mrs. Perkins couldn't compliment you enough! She wanted me to let you know how highly she thinks of each and every one of you!

Updated information regarding PARCC can be found here...

Creating Engagement Through Meaningful Experiences

What does the C in F.O.C.U.S. look like in our classrooms? What does it look like from the perspective of a teacher, a learner, an observer? We will have conversation about this at our Monday Meeting. Be prepared to share what the C looks like.

Notes and Reminders

  • Please encourage your students to check for lost and found items on the table in the main hallway. The table will stay up through the fun fair.
  • Please do not allow students to store food in their lockers. We've had issues with ants due to leftover food in lockers. Please check lockers weekly. Thanks!
  • Our Monday Meeting will focus on engagement and we'll also spend a few minutes discussing upcoming ISAT testing and distribution of materials.
  • Please continue to share your or your students' accomplishments. If you would like an article submitted for the website or the Woodridge Patch, please let me know. It's important for parents and the community to hear about all the amazing things you do on a daily basis.
  • The 5Essentials survey will be given out again this year, tentatively scheduled for March 17th-April 25th. Teacher, student, and parent results will be made public via the Illinois School Report Card. Details to follow.
  • Fifteen people are retiring from D68 this year, so they will be recognized at the May 19th School Board Meeting. Student recognition will take place at the June 2nd School Board Meeting.
  • The last day of school is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 12th, barring any additional emergency days. Please keep in mind that five emergency are built into the calendar each year, in the event five days are necessary. In the future, please do not plan on taking a vacation during the five additional built-in emergency days as they are considered part of the school year (if necessary).
  • Please remind your students that cell phones are to be kept in backpacks. If you see a cell phone out, please send it to the office so that we can call parents to pick up the phone.

Coming Up...

  • Monday, February 24th - I will be interviewing candidates for the bilingual 1/2 split.
  • Monday, February 24th - Monday Meeting for Certified Staff
  • Monday, February 24th - School Board Meeting (Meadowview students present Pledge)
  • Tuesday, February 25th - Rising Star Meeting, 3pm
  • Tuesday, February 25th - Officer Bean Internet Safety Meeting 6:30 PM, Meadowview
  • Thursday, February 27th - Follow a Friday Schedule
  • Thursday, February 27th - EC at Pump it Up, 5th Grade at Robert Crown
  • Friday, February 28th - County Institute Day (Primarily Math Focus for Certified Staff Remaining in the Building)
  • Friday, February 28th - Family Fun Fair 6:30 - 8:30 PM Meadowview

Future Dates to Keep in Mind...

March 3rd – March 14th -ISAT Testing

Monday, March 10th -Monday Meeting All Staff

Tuesday, March 11th -2nd Year Teachers Mentoring Meeting, 3:40 PM @ PDC

March 17th – March 21st -Optional Mid-Point Data Collection

Tuesday, March 18th -Reg @ District Administration Meeting - AM

Tuesday, March 18th - Science Fair Invention Convention - PM Meadowview

Wednesday, March 19th -GES Training, All Day @ PDC

Thursday, March 20th -Common Core Transition Team Meeting, 3:40 PM @ PDC

Friday, March 21st -Principal’s Meeting w/ Greg and Teaching and Learning Team

Wednesday, March 26th - Spring Pictures

Thursday, March 27th - Meadowview Battle of the Books (schedule to follow)

Thursday, March 27th - 4th grade to DGN Children's Concert (PM)

Monday, March 24th – Friday, April 11th -PARCC Testing Window for 3rd and 6th Grade

Monday, March 24th -Monday Meeting, Grade Level/Department Mtg.

Monday, March 24th - Board of Education Meeting, 7:30 PM

Thursday, March 27th -2nd Year Band Field Trip to DGN PM

Friday, March 28th -End of 3rd Quarter

March 31st – April 4th -Spring Break, NO SCHOOL

Myths and Realities

In an effort to promote some critical thinking and reflection, each week I am going to post one myth and one reality from Myths and Realities: Best Practices for English Language Learners by Katherine Davies Samway and Denise McKeon. Some may be obvious while others will surprise you. As teachers of English language learners, we must continually do our best to meet their unique needs.

Second Language Placement Myth: "L2 students just need to be placed in an English-speaking environment and they'll learn the language. That's how my grandparents learned English."

Reality: "Nonnative English-speaking students must be offered an appropriate education that takes into consideration their developing language. Just being immersed in English in school will not guarantee academic and linguistic success. This is particularly true for older learners where control over complex language is a prerequisite for successful academic learning." page 71

Bucket Fillers

Here are this week's colleague to colleague bucket fillers...

  • Niki, great job of coming right in and making a nice, positive impression on all of the students and staff. Welcome!
  • Karen, Barb, Megan, Sarah Beth, Donna, and Mary Beth, thanks for all your help problem-solving and collaborating. I really appreciate it! - Jill
  • Third grade teachers, thanks for sharing with us. - Doug and Maggie
  • Melody and Stacy, thank you for always making me laugh! You two are the best! - Soukup
  • Thanks to Cheryl, my other first grade partner, for being so encouraging and helpful and sharing ideas and materials. It is so helpful. - Janet
  • Kelly D, thanks for sharing your sixth grade resources with me! - Maggie
  • Thank you, Brenda and Kelly, for being so flexible with my schedule. - Magdana
  • Liz, welcome! Glad you are my partner!
  • Thank you, Janet, for offering to help me Wednesday night when you already have so much on your plate. I can see where Susan got her kindness. - Magdana
  • Liz, thanks for being such a wonderful TA! Good luck in 4th grade. You will be great!
  • Thank you, Donna L, for asking such thoughtful questions during collaboration.
  • Lisa, thanks for being such a patient and helpful mentor, especially trying to get my Skyward and grades up and running. I would be lost without your help! - Janet