Coaching Connection

Michelle, just a little note about our work together...

Coaching Session on 3/3/16

Thank you so much for the invitation to visit your room! I enjoyed seeing the end of your whole class word study and then your read aloud for Elizabeth, Queen of the Sea. I also appreciated the opportunity to see your small group instruction with a focus on the long e sound and spellings.

Glows...areas of note and highlight!

  • You demonstrated the power of the "second question" a number of times. ( When a student answered your question correctly, you immediately followed up with a deeper question to push the student.)
  • You modeled a successful read aloud with appropriate intensity and pacing. You emphasized particular words and made sections slower to build the excitement.
  • you brought students to the floor and met with them on their level for planned, target small group instruction. Wahoo!

Ideas...Thoughts to consider in moving your practice to the next level.

When you stop students to highlight a practice, are they giving full attention? How long does it take to get their attention?

  • Give your quiet signal once, then narrate 2-3 students that are giving attention "I see Jose with his eyes on me. I see Giselle has stopped her conversation.."
  • Limit this process to 30 seconds so that students can get right back to independent work. This will tighten up a practice that is already a "glow" for you!
What is your volume and height during conferring?
  • Bring your voice to a low volume and lower your body to student level to create a more intimate conference.
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