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Skills, Attributes and Attitudes

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IT Project Manager

Specific Skills

For this Job Role the specific skills are set with high expectations to separate the good from the best. This is done by employers to ensure they find the best people available. Specific roles for this include having the ability to;

  • develop technical specifications from set requirements,
  • manage project resources and manage both internal and external clients to a high standard
These skills specifically are valued by the employer as they show you understand the job criteria, can successfully undertake in complex, drawn out projects and have the organisation to manage all areas throughout.

General Skills

The Employer will value skills such as:

  • good communication
  • organisation
  • teamwork
  • involvement.
These are essential with the job role as they allow you to take control over the project, managing all of the areas within and will confidently trust you to be able to convey the information to the team ensuring all requirements are met. Being Involved means you undertake responsibility but significantly reduces the possibility of delays and errors, making the project more efficient and cost effective.

Attitudes / Soft Skills

This Job role requires you to be:

  • proactive,
  • Results - Driven,
  • Logical
  • strong leader.
An Employer will value these over others as it displays the characteristics of someone who can take control and make the effort to achieve the best results. The job it'self requires you to meet set targets and having a drive to succeed will ensure the employer you will deliver work correctly and on time, crucial to maintaining the reputation of the business.

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System Developer

Specific Skills

Within this job role you are required to know to a strong programming languages such as C# and SQL. These are essential to the employer as this will allow the person to quicker adapt to the new job, be aware of there current work and be able to input and develop sooner with less training. By meeting the Specific skills the employer knows where you stand and how and what work you are able to do at the early stages of employment.

General Skills

To fit the demands of the job role some general skills are required to have:

  • Good written skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Good critical thinking mind.

These skills are desired by the employer as it means you will be more effective, reliable and be able to develop your own work further. These skills further show the employers you can handle yourself and wont delay or slow down the team around you. These skills can be developed and improved over time but showing them early tells the employer you're already competent for the job.

Attitudes/ Soft skills

Your attitudes and soft skills are crucial to your employer in knowing your personality and style of worker. For example this Role requires you to be:

  • focused,
  • innovative
  • logical
This will allow you to work through the challenges the work faces and find solutions to your own problems. An employer will value this as it suggests to them you are experienced and confident which in turn improve the quality of the work and speed. For the employer this reassures them they can be confident you'll do the work and to the standard desired or better.

Lewis Hyett