Sierra Leone

West Africa


Eastern Sierra Leone is interspersed with high mountains, while the west is filled with bountiful marine resources. In the south, there are rain-forested plains and farmland, and the north is part of the Guinean forest-savanna.


  • Religion: polygamy is a highly practiced religion within this country, involving 37% of the women.
  • Food: rice is a staple food, along with fruits, vegetables, mangoes oranges, fried plantains, etc. Poyo is also a popular/common drink (wine).
  • Sports: soccer is the most popular sport in Sierra Leone. Cricket, basketball, and yoga have become big as well.


Sierra Leone has a constitutional republic with a directly elected president and a unicameral legislature. The current president is Ernest Bai Koroma. He is the head of state and government, as well as the commander in chief of the Armed Forces and police.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Sierra Leone


-Population of 8,500

-Work ethic

-Substantial mining (iron)

-Production of coffee, rice, and cocoa

-Democracy -Extreme poverty

-Tourism potential

-International financial support


-Vulnerability to weaker conditions

-Heavily dependent on commodity prices

-Corruption/inadequate property rights

-Deficient health & education systems

-High unemployment

-Weak financial sectors


  1. GDP-per capita: $1,400
  2. Infant Mortality Rate: 73.29 per 1,000 live births
  3. Life Expectancy: 45.3
  4. Literacy Rate: 35.1
  5. HDI: 10 lowest HDI in commonwealth of nations, #1 (.374)