Corroboree Frog

by Nick and Blair


The Corroboree frog has yellow and black stripes on its back. Adults reach a length of 2.5-3cm. Their call is a short ''squelch".


It is found in alpine regions in Australia including the Kosciuszko National Park.

Habitat and Ecology

I eats small black ants and other invertebrates. It lives in pools and bogs. It lays 20 -30 large eggs.


The damage to the corroboree frogs 'breeding sites by feral pigs and horses is a threat. The disease-chytrid fungus is also killing the frogs.

Recovery Strategies

We need to undertake off site rearing of tadpoles and frogs. We also need to protect their habitat from damage by pigs and horses.

Prime CorFrog

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