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What's Happening?

Week of December 15th! We made it!

This week at New Haven:JEANS ALL WEEK!

Star Benchmarking Continued....make-ups
Monday- Staff Luncheon! Be Merry and Bright!
Math- Scope & Sequence- Team meetings
Wednesday- SBDM meeting
Thursday- NH University... "Colors of Cheer"- Merry Christmas! Meet in the Cafeteria!
Holiday Celebrations
Friday- :) <3

Winter Break.... December 20th - January 4th

Wanted to let everyone know that the Masonic Lodge raised just over $2800 dollars for New Haven's Den of Hope! That's awesome! :)

For the Good of the All:

!!!!Time Sheets / Sign-in: We've been told AGAIN this week to remind everyone about Sick/PD/Personal Cards and time sheets. Finance is no longer waiting for them to come in, they are making it procedure to just dock pay. NO ONE WANTS THIS! PLEASE if you know you are going to be out ahead of time (like appt., personal, pd, etc.) fill out your card with Cindy BEFORE time. Cindy CANNOT hunt you down for your time sheets. She has to pony them over, which means she has to send them 2 days before they are due to finance. This is all the heads up I can give you. You are responsible for the rest.

Illness: Wow... I'm almost afraid to put it on paper, but what ever is going around New Haven has it! Thank you to all teachers for helping out and wiping desks and spraying rooms. Our custodial team is wiping door knobs and banisters and everything in between. We are working collectively to keep the illness down. On Friday we had over 100 children out, and 19 staff members. I did report it to D.O., and will continue to keep them informed. PLEASE encourage students to wash hands, cough in their elbows, etc. Hopefully over winter break we can freeze the germs out!


Monday Meets- Last Monday was an eye opener for many of us. I feel very good about the plan that we have, and the direction we are going in. I think working together this year during this time will take items off of you "before summer" list. This Monday we will be creating scope and sequence and "timelines".

Common "Grading" Language: We discussed common definitions for primary grading at a Team leader meeting in November. We need to come to an agreement on what that looks like. Team leaders please revisit this conversation with your teams based on the example I gave you, submit suggestions and changes to me sometime this week and I will mesh them together and send them out to the whole. (AS, S, PH, AC)

Shadowing Initiative: The district has all schools participating in a shadowing experience. This is an opportunity for a teacher to "spend the day in the life of a student". I've asked Cindie Lonneman to shadow a student on Tuesday of this week. She will do all the things asked of that student, including activities, sitting in class, restroom breaks, lunch, specials, etc. I'm excited to hear her reflection and see how we can either share the greatness or tweak for improvements. I'm hopeful that we could do this with others as well. It's ALWAYS good to walk in "others shoes" and sometimes I think we forget that our most important work comes in little sizes.

Staffer of the week- Everyone deserves to be recognized for the work they do. We are all an important part of the team, and each contributes something special! Thank you for all you do! This week we want to recognize Sarah Bailey. Thank you for being SUCH a positive light! Your smile sometimes changes my whole thought process. It's not always easy to be a light in a cloudy day, but we are thankful to have you at New Haven!

winter break

Just because... everyone needs an endorphine rush!

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