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Our Tech Stars

Eagles Tech Stars program

Eagle Tech Stars is alive and running now!

Congrats to the new members:

Angel Vela

Reggie Arliee

Jasmyn Trego

Mercedes Cubenas

Alexander Nicholas

Candice Mata

Paige Roth

Isaiah Nielson

Cameron Tackett

Mackenzie Lew

Madison Healy

Bradley Guilbeau

You can check out their progress on the Eagle Tech Stars' Edmodo page.

FNE Getting IT Right Blog

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Teacher Tech Stars

Forest North is full of teachers who effectively integrate technology. Who are the tech all-stars our students revere?

  • Top Adobe Visual Communicator: Librarian, Kristen Fournier
  • Top Prezi User: Librarian, Kristen Fournier
  • Top Google Calendar User: Librarian, Kristen Fournier, Assistant Principal, Mary Decker
  • Top Digital Research: Librarian, Kristen Fournier
  • Top Blogger: Librarian, Kristen Fournier
  • Top Video Downloader: Art Teacher, Angie Bell
  • Top Activslate user: Kindergarten teachers
  • Robotics Champ: 4th Grade Teacher, Cynthia McCollum
  • Top Google Label-Maker: Principal, Amy Jacobs
  • Top Promethean Board User: 2nd Grade Teacher, Jenni Rhea
  • Top iPad User: Kindergarten Teacher, Claire Smith
  • Top Edmodo Users: Librarian, Kristen Fournier, 5th Grade Teachers, 3rd Grade Teacher, Meredith Moore

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Tech Thursdays

Click here to access training agendas from the after school technology trainings teachers volunteer to attend.

Tech News and updates

Digital Learning Day!

February 6, 2013--Be prepared to show case how you can integrate technology! Read more here.

Literacy 2.0

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Campus Technology

Our campus is a completely wireless campus! We currently have one 25 station PC computer lab equipped with a Promethean interactive whiteboard that is available for scheduling, and five wireless laptop carts that are assigned one per grade level. Each grade level is also assigned a media cart equipped with a laptop, LCD projector, Promethean ActivSlate, and document camera. Additionally, we have a good supply of digital still cameras and digital video cameras for both students and staff to use. Students have access to a wide array of software titles ranging from Microsoft Office to Lego Robotics software.

Texas Technology Teks

Click here to view the elementary technology TEKS.

Mission Statement

Students and staff at Forest North Elementary will be using TECHNOLOGY to transform educational practices in a manner that supports purposeful problem-solving, performance-based assessment practices, and experiential learning. This will be done in such a way that alignment to the curriculum is maintained, learning is made increasingly relevant, students are authentically engaged, critical thinking is required, and the 21st century skills and state technology TEKS are realized.