Earth Science at the Dunes

Scientific Observations of the earth

The Summer of Science (and why)

My 'Summer of Science' is related to earth sciences due to the fact that I went to a natural geological feature of the Earth, the Indiana Dunes. I observed the way that over millions of years, the wind, water, and other forces of nature have shaped the dunes into what they are today.

The Most Amazing Thing that Happened

The most amazing thing that happened during my visit to the Indiana Dunes was a sandstorm on one of the larger dunes. The wind was strong that day, and when it picked up, the sand was blowing all about. Later, after the sandstorm, I looked at the dune again, ands the shape of the whole dune had changed. This is the most amazing thing that happened on my visit.

Three Interesting Things About Me

Three things that I would like known about me are that I love cars, I love architecture, and I love art. I love cars because that's just the thing I have found interesting since my childhood. i do a lot of cars and architecture related art.