Thai Australians

By Rhys and Josh

When did most thai people move to australia?

During the 1980s the number of Thai students in Australia increased significantly, as a result of increasing wealth in Thailand and the growing prestige of international tertiary study. Between 1981 and 1991 the Thailand-born community in Victoria increased four-fold from 718 to 3,038 people.

The majority of new arrivals from Thailand between 1996 and 1997 immigrated under the Preferential Family category and therefore included both spouses and children of those living in Australia.

In 2011 the Thailand-born community in Victoria reached 10,766 people, with significant numbers living in the local government areas of Melbourne, Greater Dandenong and Boroondara. A high proportion are employed in professional, clerical, sales and service roles. Thai is the most common language spoken at home (58%), and Buddhism the most common religion (69%). Wats (temples) play a significant role within the Thai community, providing both a spiritual and cultural centre for members.

Thai Things

Thai national anthem

Thailand unites flesh and blood of Thais,Thailand unites its people with flesh and blood,Thailand embraces in its bosom all people of Thai blood,Thailand embraces in its bosom all Thais,

Nation of the people; belonging to the Thais in every respect.Land of Thailand belongs to the Thais.Every inch of Thailand belongs to the Thais.Every inch of it belongs to Thais alone.

Long maintained [has been] the independence,Long maintained its sovereignty,It has long maintained its sovereignty,Their freedom has long endured,

Because the Thais seek, and love, unity.All Thais intend to unite together.Because the Thais have always been united.For the Thais love peace, and seek unity.

Thais are peace-loving, But at war we're no cowards.Thais are peace-loving, but fight with courageThe Thai people are peace-loving, But they are no cowards at war.Thais love peace you know, but to war they'll go

Sovereignty will not be threatened.They shall allow no one to rob them of freedom.Nor shall they suffer tyranny.No tyrant can their freedoms take away,

They will sacrifice every drop of their blood to contribute to the nation,Sacrificing every drop of blood for the nation,All Thais are ready to give up every drop of blood,Every Thai is ready to give up their all,

Hail the nation of Thailand, long last the victory, Hurrah.

They will serve their country with pride and prestige, full of victory. Chai Yo (Cheers).

For the nation's safety, freedom and progress.Long last the nation's pride and victory, Hooray.