Hinduism: World Religions Project

By Maverick Trumpler and Matthew Vargas

1. The most important belief in Hinduism is...

The meaning of life. Hindus believe that there are four meanings to life. They are to fulfill your purpose, reach personal prosperity, have enjoyment, and reach enlightenment, or Moshka. Hindus believe this because it helps balance their spiritual and human needs.

2.People follow this religion because...

Well, many people are born into it. In our opinion we believe that Hinduism is a very peaceful religion and that people might want to join it to find peace. One practice that Hindus do is yoga. To Hindus yoga helps "actualize one's fullest nature."

3. Extremist Actions and Current Event

On 5/26/14 Hindu extremists beat a Christian couple in Bihar State. This shows that the way extremists of this religion justify it's actions against non believers is by beating and almost killing.
The group of Hindu extremists did this because the couple refused to renounce Christ. They continued to beat the couple for a week before they finally locked them in the church. They then threatened to kill anyone who didn't kill Jesus.

4. An example of Hindu art is...

The Kartika. This is a ceremonial tool shaped like a knife. Hindus believe the Kartika symbolized he severance of all material and world bonds. It is also used in something called the TIbetan Sky Burial Ritual. In this ritual, the deceased are cut into small pieces and left to the vultures. There is no information about when it was created or who created it.
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5. An example of Hindu music is...

Sri Krsna Pranama.

"O my dear Krishna, ocean of mercy. You are the friend of the distressed and the source of creation. You are the master of the cowherdmen and lover of the gopis, especially Radhaharani. I offer my respectful obeisances unto you."

This song relates to Hiduism by showing worship to one of the popular hindu deities. It also shows praise for the mythological stories about hm.

6. Some Extra Facts About Hinduism Are...

*Hinduism is the world's oldest religion.

*It can be considered as a monotheistic, polytheistic, or pantheistic religion.This is because it many gods, but all being the face of Brahmin.

*Pantheistic is the belief that nature is one with divinity.

7. Our Bibliography Is...

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