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Location of the Wetlands

There are wetlands in Europe, South Florida, South Eastern Australia, North Western And South Eastern Africa, Middle of Russia, Madagascar, Greenland , Iceland, Canada, Alaska, Asia, South California, Mexico, New Zealand, South Eastern and North Western South America.

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This is what the landscape is like in the wetlands.

It has hydraulic soil. Its always wet. Covered in water, plants, and trees. It has valleys, rivers, flood plains, canyons, and basins.
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Wetland Animals

Otters, Beavers, Hippos, Alligators, Mud-skippers, Herons, Snakes, Ducks, And Turtles are all animal that live in the wetlands

Asian Otters

These are some plants that grow in the wetlands

Lily-pads, reeds, assorted flowers, cranberries, bog moss, and marsh plants

Mangrove trees in the Everglades

It's a beautiful day in the Everglades with the sun shining. There are a lot of flood plains here.
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Wetlands Climate

This picture shows the average climate in the everglades.
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Things that are destroying the wetlands

These are some things that are destroying the wetlands: pollution, People making buildings over the wetlands, global warming, over fishing, methane, carbon, littering, water freezing, and chopping down trees in the wetlands.
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