S. T. B.

Stop The Bullying.

Bullying someone does not make anything better!

  • Words hurt people more than you think.
  • Stop messing with people who just wants to live their life and be happy.
  • Instead of hurting them give them a few nice words.

Our Hours!

Mon-Fri 8 to 5
Saturday-Sunday we are CLOSED.

What will we do?

We will go around in different communities and in all the schools in our community and talk to the students about bullying and why it should never take place, we will also be providing snacks and issuing out T-shirts.

What is STB ?

Well if you were wondering we are an organization that goes around to various locations and help victims of bullying overcome the hurt that they get from it, We offer lots of help and tips about it also. We give out prizes to the participants that participate in our activities when we visit their community.