I'm the King of the Castle

“My father would, because I’m the most important thing he’s got in his whole life, he said.” -Edmund Hooper

Edmund is seen as self centred. He believes that his father would do anything for him thinking that him himself is his father's crown jewel in life. This shows that he doesn't know his father well so he assumes that nothing is more important than him to his father. It show how they don't have a close relationship with each other just like two strangers having just met for the first time.

“That was vile muck. You’re bloody useless, Kingshaw” -Edmund Hooper

It shows that Kingshaw and Edmund never had a close relationship with each other. When someone says "bloody useless" it is like they are saying the other person has no purpose in life, in this case Kingshaw is stated "bloody useless" by Edmund since they never actually knew each other well.

“Liar, liar, liar. Your father isn't anything, she doesn’t even like your father. She hates him”

This shows that even though that Kingshaw has been with his mother his entire life he still shows signs of retaliation. Albeit Helena Kingshaw and Joseph Hooper are getting closer and closer towards each other, Charles refuses to believe so. Kingshaw continues to believe that his mother hates Joseph only to find comfort in himself believing his now imagination.