Gender and Identity

Joshua Aalders


I was born in Chicago, illinois but i moved here when i was seven years old. I love to bass fish, hunt and skateboarding want to become a pro bass fisherman, mechanic and a welder. I love hanging out with my friends and my family. I try my best in school so i can go to University of Illinois in Champaign, Urbana.

In the play Twelfth Night, the character Sir Toby is Olivias unlce that live with her and he's an alcoholic. Sir Toby knows that he is a jokester, rude, and alcoholic. I think he is funny, rude, a jokester, and a alcholic. "not to be a-bed after midnight is to be up betimes" (II.3. pg 2) This quote shows how Sir Toby joking about staying up and carosing all night.


I am a male and my family expects me to do all the outside work, like cut the grass and take out the garbage but i except that. A disavanatage for me is that i just got my license and my mom lets my sister drive by herself but she wont let me because she thinks my sisters is more responsible than i am.

Sir Toby is a male that thinks highly of himself but has a low self esteem. Sir Toby acts like a typical male by being funny, a jokester, and sometimes like and Idiot. That people expect this out of a male then a female.


I see my self as a nice guy, a hardworker, and funny. People see me as careing, funny, nice, and hardworking. I'm thankfull for what i have. I like to help other people out that need it. I'm truthfull and honest to people.

I believe that other characters in Twelfth Night see Sir Toby as an alcoholic, funny and he loves to have a good time. I see Sir Toby as an alcoholic, funny, Jokester, and somewhat a Idiot. Sir Toby sees himeself a perfect person. "Go thou and seek the crowner, and let him sit o' my coz. For he’s in the third degree of drink, he’s drowned. Go look after him." (I.v. pg 7) This shows how Olivia is talking about Sir Toby about him drinking.

Similarites and differences

A similarity between Sir Toby and myself is that were both funny. Sir Toby and i like to play jokes on people.

A difference is that Sir Toby likes to drink and i dont like to drink. Not the jealous tipe like Sir Toby.