Spanish Interactive Notebook

Vocabulary Bundle & First Day of School Activities

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This wonderful BACK TO SCHOOL BUNDLE is a wonderful tool to organize all your vocabulary words for Spanish I & II students. In 10 yrs teaching Spanish , students tend to loose papers easily. All you need to begin the year in great shape is to provide each student with " "MI Cuaderno" . This Interactive notebook contains over 500 vocabulary words neatly organized by topic. You can use each individual vocabulary list as an assessment. It also includes two Back to School activities. You can collect it and grade it. In Middle School and High School this Interactive Notebook can become easily 25% of your grade. You will also provide students with a notebook they can keep and use through their life long learning of Spanish.

It Contains

1. Reglas de Clase
2.Saludos y Expresiones de Cortesia
3. Comandos de Clase
4. Comandos de Estudiantes
5. Mis Actividades Diarias
6. Los Lugares de la Comunidad (with word bank)
7. Desayuno y Almuerzo
8. Mi Ropa (with word bank)
9. Colores (with word bank)
10. El Tiempo (with word bank)
11. Los Meses
12. Los Dias de la Semana (with word bank)
13. La Hora (with word bank)
14. Numeros 1-20 (with word bank)
15. Objetos de Clase (with word bank)
16. El cuerpo (with word bank)
17. Label Body Parts (El Estudiante)
18. Greetings Word Search

You will only need this notebook to complete your Spanish I & II Vocabulary requirements.


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