Second-Hand Smoke Effects

What Could Happen if You Hang Around People Who Smoke!

Second-Hand Smoke, Stay Away!!!!

Did you know that not just smoking tobacco is bad for you? Even if you are around someone who smokes you are at risk of getting the bad things that come with smoking. When someone smokes most the smoke doesn't go down into their lungs but into the air (obviously because they blow out the smoke. DUH!) so you can breathe it in. Sure smoking is banned in may places (Recently Disney Movies.) however many people are still exposed to it. Mostly children who's parents smoke around them. The smoke chemicals can come from cigarettes, cigars, or even pipes and there are over 4,000 of them, and 250 of those chemicals cause disease. Second-smoke makes you more likely to get lung cancer than any other cancer and it's REALLY bad for your heart. The CDC says that every year in the US about 34,000 deaths are caused by second-hand smoke and 7,300 deaths because of the lung cancer you can get because of it. Second-hand smoke also makes your blood sticker, raising your "bad" LDL cholesteral, also damaging the lining of the blood vessels. Eventually making you more likely to have a heart attack or a stroke.

Effects of Second-Hand Smoke in Children

Second-hand smoke can cause many things such as ...
  • Sudden infant death syndrome (or SIDS)
  • Better chances of respiratory infections
  • If your child has asthma he or she can be at risk of more severe and more frequent asthma attacks
  • Ear infections and Chronic coughs
Smoking while pregnant is also dangerous. It can cause miscarriages and premature birth.

Also it can cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) < that sounds scary... The longer a pregnant woman smokes the higher risk of health problems (even if you are just around a smoking person.). So please don't smoke while your pregnant, it's almost as bad as abortion.