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Protecting Your Facebook Account From Hackers

It’s no new news that hackers are loose on Facebook. These could be some unethical Facebook marketers who are looking to abuse your Facebook profile for a black-hat viral marketing. Sometimes the hackers can also be some ill-minded techies planning up nasty things with your photos, videos or posts. Thus, it’s extremely important that you make yourself knowledgeable on the tips to protect your Facebook account from the hackers.

Be careful about password

Trouver un mot de passe facebook bearing no resemblance to anything close to you- be it your name or that of some dear ones, your birthday, your company, your profession etc. The ideal Facebook password should be a random jumble of alpha-numeric code so that it’s almost impossible to guess for anybody. Do not ever disclose the password to anybody.

Login Approvals

This is very important to prevent hackers off your Facebook account. You must activate the edgy Facebook security feature “Login Approvals” for you Facebook account. The very security feature requires the user to type a unique security code whenever he/she tries to log into the account from the unrecognized devices. If you have the ““Login Approvals”, then it would be really hard for the hacker to get into your profile even if he has access to your password and username.

Opt for “Secure Browsing”

You must activate “Secure Browsing” for your Facebook account to ensure safe Facebook activity. If you activate the mentioned feature, it would automatically work to restrict all the external applications on Facebook from posing any damage to your profile or fishing your personal data sans your approval or knowledge.

Beware of sudden login page

You might find a log in page opening up suddenly on clicking on any message link on your wall. Do not ever sign in there are as these are traps laid by hackers to secure your username & password as you log into that page.