5th Grade Updates

Week of October 11

General Information

Field Trip

If you would like to go to Reunion Ranch as a chaperone please email:


Candid Photos

Wanted: One or two 5th grade parents to take candid photos of 5th graders throughout the year, especially on upcoming field trips!

Please contact shannan_hall@roundrockisd.org

Yearbook Cover

Each year, fifth graders are invited to submit artwork for the cover of the Caraway yearbook. Entries are due Friday, October 21.

Class Updates


We will continue our unit on “Uses of Energy, Light, Circuits and Electricity.” You can still buy a Stemscopedia book for $5.50 -- it’s a great student reference!


This week, we worked with different types of charts and graphs, such as a dot plots, stem and leaf diagrams, and bar graphs. Next week we will be assessing Unit 2- decimals, fractions, and graphs.

Language Arts

This week we started a unit on informational texts/nonfiction. We learned about author’s purpose and perspective. We also began book groups.

Social Studies

This week we focused in on daily life in the British colonies. Our Mid-Atlantic region test will be October 28.