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continent: South America capital:brasiliz Population:204,259,812 Area:3,287,611 Main languages:spanish main religions:atteds church such as candomble distance from capital to washinton D.C. :9,201,200


Brazilian diet include meat,bread,rice,cheese and egg.Frazilians also drink (coffee with milk).For breakfast Brazilians eat (meat,egg and French fries).and they also eat ).the Brazilian diet include meat, bread, rice, beans, cheese, and eggs. Breakfast usually consists of café com leite (coffee with milk), fruit, and bread with butter. Lunch is the main meal and often includes beans, rice, meat, salad, potatoes, bread, and fruit. Dinner is lighter and may include a bowl of soup with bread, followed by coffee or milk with a piece of cake. Pastries are typical snacks.


they common greeting among friends, except from one male to another, is to embrace and kiss on alternating cheeks or touch cheeks and “kiss the air.” In some regions, three kisses are exchanged. Common verbal greetings include Olá. Tudo bem? (Hello. Is everything fine?) and Como vai? (How are you?). Young friends greet each other with a simple Oi (Hi). When one joins or leaves a small group, it is polite to shake hands with everyone. Common parting terms include Tcháu (Good-bye) and Até logo (See you soon).


Brazil traditionally has been a strong Roman Catholic country. At one time, nearly 95 percent of the population claimed membership in the Catholic Church. However, membership has dropped to around 65 percent, and other Christian churches are growing rapidly. Since the founding of the republic in 1889, there has been a separation of church and state, and religious freedom has been guaranteed.


Portuguese is Brazil's official language. It differs slightly in pronunciation from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal. English is popular as a second language. Spanish is also becoming more popular in some circles as Brazil establishes stronger trade ties with its neighbors. (Although Portuguese speakers generally understand Spanish, some Brazilians are offended when deliberately spoken to in Spanish.) In southern cities, some descendants of European immigrants also speak German or Italian. Indigenous peoples may speak any one of more than a hundred local languages.

Personal appearnes

In general, Brazilians are fashionable and like to dress according to the latest styles. People in urban areas like to wear brand-name clothing. People in the warmest and most humid regions dress more casually. People in these areas generally wear light or brightly colored clothing. In São Paulo and parts of the southern region, people often dress in black, white, and other neutral colors. Stylish suits or skirts with jackets are common business attire. Both men and women pay careful attention to their appearance. Shoes are well kept and polished...
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