To Be A Man

King Jamaal Lopes


In the book to be a man one of the problems was about a girl that he really liked but the girl he liked was a school dropout and didn't look good for him. His mother is so strict that he is almost scared to death of her. He knew his mother would hate a school dropout, so he hides his relationship and love from his mother.


i would remove bo , vanessa's sister's boyfriend, he was really irrelavant throughout the story, i just felt like he could been more involved in being more dramatic to make it more entertaining to the readers. after all trevor dident know him as a person so maybe the book could revealed a disgusting secret about him for the intensity of the book.

1 . “you thought I was doing wrong, I thought you trust me". - when Trevor trusted Vanessa to go back to school to impress Trevor's mother and let her know that she is not what his mom expects a school drop out like her to be. But come to find out Vanessa wasent so sure about that, she still contemplated

2. "I wont be around you when your an old man boy" - Trevor's mother is rough on him and he feels like he has no freedom almost, he is the type of son who's scared to disappoint his mother but his mother explain why , she loves her son and she knows she's not going to be around forever, she's is maybe overprotective but she just wants to make sure her little boy will someday have a family, have goal, and do things that takes a MAN to do.

3."hurt with the truth never comfort me with a lie" - Trevor told his mother he was going to work over night for extra money but went to see Vanessa , and mom found out

4."enjoy the little things in life" - Trevor was explaining to Vanessa how important school is.

5. "everything happens for a reason"

Face to Face

what does education mean to you? - an educated proves that u want to be somebody

why does opinions matter? - they don't its just how you compare them

what makes you a better man? - learning from yourself / own mistakes

why are u so scared of your mother? - just don't want to let her "baby" down

how has your friends affected you in general? -they just always look out no matter what

are your friend really your friends? -yes

can you trust the people you say you can trust like Vanessa? friends say , mind says yes

do you love Vanessa? love isnt some you jump into, you have to feel it first

would you still date Vanessa even if she never went back to school? as long as she is still her.

would u hide truths from your mom again? well for one you cant hide forever and it just depends on how heavy the situation is.

This was book was about an high school teen who lives with his mother and having 2 older bros in the military. since hes the youngest his mom is very hard on him to be more than just a boy. Trevor , the main character, sees a girl he like that works a local smoothie place he and his mother visits all the time. she is a high school dropout, doesn't live with her parent instead its her sis and her sis boyfriend, and his mom hates it. he ends up getting with her and hides her from his mother for awhile he learns than she was so young minded the year she dropped out and the she is very sweet. meanwhile one of the school jerks finds out and tells his mother. but Trevor explained what kind of person she was and gave her a shot. she goes back to her parent and school start a new beginning.