How to stay fit the right way

By Caleb Flory

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Physical Health

Stay Physical! Go outside for an hour or more a day. Ride a bike, go for a walk, go skating! Be sure to be drinking lots of water while exercising!

Always try something new. Maybe go skating if you havn't gone in a while or never have! Just stay Physically Active!

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Mental/Emotional Health

We all get upset and emotional but be sure to tell someone. Tell your parents, teachers, and close friends. Don't be shy and tell someone!

Remember if something just makes you upset you can go to your school counselor also. Always tell someone if your feeling down and blue.

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Social Health

Be sure to be social with others. Be kind to your family and friends and people you may not even know just if they are trying to do something bad just dont talk or run away.

Stay active with others.Say something nice to someone or give someone a compliment on thier accomplishments.