Homeless Heroes

The New Heroes: Operation Homefront

An Example of Extreme Generosity

Roy was a recently struggling veteran, suffering from PTSD and depression. He was able to hold himself together, until he lost his job as a machinist. Shortly after this, he was confined to living on his brother's couch. Once nearby veteran organizations heard, they quickly set up a rent free house to rehabilitate Roy. "Moving in was a big change for me," Roy stated. "I was really lost for a while there. They brought me back around in many ways."

Eventually, Roy came to living by himself while studying prosthetics and limb loss. Now he is financially well, and began to give back to the community. Roy donated over 1,000 Hot Wheels cars to local kids who are facing poverty.

Homeless Veterans and The Respect They Deserve

If a man risks his life to protect you, is it respectful to have them live on the streets? No! Therefore everyone in the society needs to support them.