Special Education Weekly Update

February 3, 2016

SCS Identified for IDEA Selective Review

The Special Education Department will undergo an IDEA Selective Review on March 29th and 30th. The Office for Exceptional Children (OEC), in coordination with the Office for Early Learning and School Readiness (OEL&SR), developed a Comprehensive Monitoring System for Continuous Improvement that includes three levels of reviewing Local Education Agency (LEA) implementation of IDEA. The Selective Review is one level of this system. The purpose of a selective review is to determine compliance with federal and state laws for serving students with disabilities; and to assist LEAs in resolving specific issue or concerns.

LEAs may be scheduled for a Selective Review for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Random selection;
  • Education Management Information System (EMIS) and other data that suggest irregularities in the LEAs special education process;
  • Patterns of repeated and/or systemic compliant and due process hearing requests about special education services.

The two days identified will involve a review of records, interviews with district leadership and building staff, parent meeting, and exit interview . Once OEC pulls the records of students in early March, they will contact Andy Trujillo so that he can contact any of the intervention specialists, general education teachers, related service providers, special education aides, and administrators that are relevant to the students that are identified as part of the review. As a result, these staff member will participate in a group interview conducted by OEC with no district administration in the room. Questions will be specific to the cases pulled and topics will range from how the IEP was developed to compliance questions.

OEC will then issue a summary report of findings to the Strongsville City Schools. If systemic noncompliance is identified then a corrective action plan is required to address the areas of concern. The criteria for a systemic noncompliance issue is a level of 30% or greater.

Once the report is received by the Strongsville City Schools, OEC will schedule an onsite meeting along with a representative from the State Support Team to review the summary report. If the review identifies any issue(s) denying FAPE the district must correct the issue(s) within 15 calendar days of notification to ensure compliance.

More to come.

Pink Form - Dismissal of Related Service

Effective immediately, we are discontinuing the use of the pink form when services/consultations end. Please make sure that in your PR-01’s you are including information about why a service/consultation is no longer needed. This information can be placed in question 6. If you have specific questions, please contact your special education supervisor.

Special Education Department

The Special Education Department in the Strongsville City Schools is a proactive group of highly qualified and driven educators that are dedicated to serve students with disabilities with passion and hard work. We provide professional development and innovative training to all levels of staff to ensure outstanding service to our students. We have high expectations at every level and work continuously to improve our instructional practices, leadership, and collaborative partnerships with parents and families.