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Did you know that America uses at least 18.83 million barrels of oil per day? If you think about it the citizens in the united states need oil for an energy recourse. This idea has created a decision for federalist's; we need to respond to an upcoming event... should we put an oil rig in Alaska?

The Decision

Monday, June 3rd 2013 at 1:15-1:45pm

Moyock Middle School, Moyock, NC

Moyock, NC

This event can change the amounts of oil found for oil companies and how they price it.

The oil rig in Alaska can give the price of gas some breathing room because the amount of gas produced can help lower gas prices.

The oil rig can also help more than just reducing gas prices, it can help produce more oil for energy. Like I mentioned before America uses an extremely high of oil each day. Oil can be used for...

Transportation Fuels (Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel)


Military and defense








Electrical generation

Possible Outcomes?

Some individual fishing companies have a bumpy road coming there way. Water pollution possibilities, effecting the amount of fish in the water. Fisherman can lose jobs.

That is why the oil company can return the profits that can back up an oil outbreak. If it the oil spills the money made will help contribute to the clean up the area.Prices will possibly reduce if the company will find accumulate a lot or just enough for a price reduce, there could be a possibility of getting thousands of gallons of oil. This will not only help us get oil but it will help America have our own source. America is spending way too much money for foreign oil.